Toothbrush Talk: When to Switch Your Toothbrush

dental care beaumont tx | Dr. Joel Smith DDS Have you ever looked down at your toothbrush only to realize that it’s a bit more mangled and in disarray than you remembered? Does your toothbrush resemble more of a chew toy than anything else? If so, it’s definitely time to switch out your toothbrush. As a dental tool that is not only used everyday but that also starts to harbor a lot of bacteria, toothbrushes need to be switched out every two to three months depending on the wear and tear that you place on them. And although this two to three month guideline is a great reference tool, there are also other symptoms that you should consider regarding when it’s best to switch out your toothbrush. Read on to learn more.

The Condition of the Bristles
The bristles on your toothbrush should be straight up and down at all times so that they can properly reach and clean all parts of your teeth and your mouth. If your bristles are starting to bend sideways, then this is a large indication that it’s time to get a new toothbrush. If you tend to bite on your toothbrush while you are brushing, especially if you brush while doing things such as tidying up around the house, then you will have to change your toothbrush out more often because the bristles will start to bend and break prematurely.

There Are Visible Bite Marks
IF you are like most people ,you likely do things while you are brushing your teeth—fold laundry, get dressed, apply makeup, get the kids ready, etc. And although multi-tasking is something to be proud of, biting down on your tooth brush can cause it to become misshapen and not work to the best of its ability. If you start to notice that there are visible bite marks across your toothbrush, then this is another indication that it’s time for you to get a new one.

By having a toothbrush that is in the best shape possible you can help to ensure that your teeth get cleaned properly. If you would like to learn more about these and other dental care tips, contact Dr. Joel Smith’s office today!

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