How to Get a White Smile Before Santa Comes to Town

Teeth Whitening Beaumont TX | Joel Lane Smith DDSYes, it’s true that your appearance isn’t everything, but it does account for a lot— especially when you have work, family, friends, and neighbor holiday parties to attend during this time of year. And although you may have been dieting extra hard to fit into that little black dress, nothing can put a damper on your appearance quite like a mouth full of yellow teeth. Whether your teeth are tinged a dark shade of beige or yellow due to coffee drinking or poor oral hygiene, Dr. Joel Smith may be able to help.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Having a smile that’s 16 shades whiter after treatment may sound like something you may want to call someone’s bluff on. But, here at Dr. Joel Smith’s office, we use a unique whitening system that will do just that. Here at our Beaumont office, we use a whitening treatment called the KoR Whitening System. By using a combination of oxygen and gel, patients see a brighter, whiter smile in virtually no time at all.

And if having a smile that’s 16 shades whiter isn’t enough to make you want to get your teeth whitened, the KoR Whitening System separates itself from other systems also because of the mere fact that’s it’s permanent— yes, you heard that right, permanent. So, even though you may be an avid coffee or red wine drinker, these should have little to no impact on your newly whitened teeth as long as you follow the proper at-home care instructions.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Joel Smith, he will perform an oral examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the KoR Whitening System.

Gain confidence in your smile and get ready for the holidays with a whiter, brighter smile from Dr. Joel Smith. Schedule your consultation at with our Beaumont office today!

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