Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that is done to whiten yellow or discolored teeth. Here at our Beaumont, Texas office, Dr. Smith uses the KoR Whitening System to effectively enhance one’s smile and give it a much brighter and whiter appearance. The gel applied during treatment restores the ability of the teeth to absorb oxygen, resulting in whiter teeth.

Teeth Whitening Beaumont TX | Houston A bright smile always enhances one’s beauty, but this can be hindered by yellowed or stained teeth. With Dr. Smith’s teeth whitening service in Beaumont, Texas, you will have your dazzling smile back in no time. This effective procedure will not only whiten one’s teeth but will also give your confidence a boost. Know more about this procedure during your initial consultation with Dr. Smith.

What can cause yellow or stained teeth?

As a person ages, the teeth can gradually lose its natural white color and turn into a yellowish or discolored hue. This can be due to the consumption of tea, red wine, coffee, and other substances that can stain the teeth. Smokers also commonly have stained teeth. This issue can be corrected with a teeth whitening procedure is done by your dentist.

What makes KoR Whitening System stand out from the rest?

Here at our Beaumont, Texas office, we use the modern teeth whitening technology known as KoR Whitening System, which is a great alternative to achieving a brighter, whiter smile. This system works by absorbing oxygen through the gel that is applied during the procedure. The result is teeth that are dramatically whiter by up to 16 shades or more.

There are various teeth whitening systems available, yet the KoR Whitening System stands out from all of them as its results are permanent.

What happens during treatment?

This safe teeth-whitening procedure can easily be done during your visit to our office. To start the process, Dr. Smith will create molds of the teeth to create customized trays that perfectly fit your mouth. You will have to wear these trays for the next two weeks while you sleep. During your visit, you will be provided with specific instructions on how to care for your teeth at home. You may also be asked to return to the office for follow-up visits depending on the level of whitening you wish to achieve.

When will I see results?

Patients usually see a dramatic result at the end of the procedure: teeth that are 16 shades lighter than before.

How can I keep my teeth white?

The newly whitened teeth can be easily maintained at home. With proper home care post-procedure, even highly staining substances such as coffee, red wine, or tea, will have little effect on the teeth.

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