How to Soothe Your Screaming Teething Baby

teething in beaumont tx | Joel Lane Smith DDS Babies can start the teething process when they are as little as 3 months old, and because your baby is still, well, a baby, it can be hard to know just how to calm them when they are uncomfortable, in pain, or just overall inconsolable. If your baby has started to sprout those teeth or is exhibiting symptoms of teething such as drooling or gnawing on their hands, then follow the following tips to help soothe them.

Baby Tylenol
As a strict rule, consult your pediatrician before you give your baby any form of Tylenol in order to make sure you are giving them the proper dosage that will be safe for them. Once you get the approval, however, giving your baby some baby Tylenol will help to ease the pain that they are experiencing and will hopefully help them sleep better at night.

If you don’t have any teethers lying around your house, now is the time to invest in them. There are a variety of teethers that you can choose from that will help to soothe your child’s gums as their tiny teeth start to emerge. For instance, you can choose from teethers that have liquid in them that you can freeze, there are wooden teethers, or even simple rubber ones. As a helpful suggestion, start with one type of tether to see if your baby takes to it, if they don’t, try purchasing a different kind until you can find the right one. The teethers that you can freeze are exceptionally beneficial because the cold will help to numb their gums in the process.

Massage Their Gums
Another great way you can help ease your baby’s pain while they are teething is by gently massaging their gums. Simply take a clean finger— like your forefinger— and gently rub it across your baby’s gums for a minute or two. They will likely start to bite down on your finger in order to get an additional amount of relief.

If your baby is starting the teething process, it can be miserable for the both of you. From running a fever to crying in pain, teething is painful. However, by following the above tips, you can help your baby to feel better. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Joel Smith’s office today!

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