Skip the Candy: 3 Alternatives to Hand Out to Trick or Treaters

Skip the Candy: 3 Alternatives to Hand Out to Trick or Treaters | Joel Lane Smith DDS | Beaumont, TXIf there’s one thing everyone can agree upon, it’s that candy is front and center at just about every Halloween party. And even though a piece or two of candy isn’t going to cause your teeth too much harm, consider avoiding handing candy out to your trick or treaters this year.

Sugar-Free Gum

It used to be that the only sugar-free gum you could get was mint flavored, but times have changed in a big way, and you can now get virtually every flavor of gum in a sugar-free alternative. Typically sweetened with an ingredient called xylitol, sugar-free gum is safe for you and the neighborhood kids to chew on Halloween— just make sure to buy a brand that has the ADA’s seal of approval on it.

Carrot Sticks

Who doesn’t love to munch on a few carrot sticks while they’re going from door to door? Available in pre-packaged baggies, carrot sticks are affordable and easy to hand out to your trick or treaters. Plus, due to their texture, carrots work to scrub sugar and plaque off of teeth— leaving kids less prone to developing cavities.


You may think that only dentists can hand out toothbrushes to their neighbors but let’s face it— anyone can be this cool. As a friendly reminder to all of your trick-or-treaters, nothing is quite as teeth healthy as handing out bright colored ADA approved toothbrushes.

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Among all of the candy, parents may be happy to find one of the alternatives in this article at the bottom of their trick or treaters bag. Learn more about healthier alternatives and contact Dr. Joel Smith today at (409) 895-0089

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