What is an Inman Aligner?

An Inman Aligner is a new innovation in orthodontics and serves as an effective alternative to conventional fixed braces. In keeping with the latest innovations introduced in modern dentistry, our clinic now offers this highly efficient and rapid treatment for our patients.

Patients with front teeth alignment issues may be ideal candidates for the Inman Alignment procedure. The technique uses force generated by its primary components, a metal bar and coiled spring, to align and straighten teeth in the fastest possible time. It differs from traditional braces, which are secured to the teeth, by being fully-removable and easy to put back into position when required. Neither brackets or wires are attached to it, just a thin metal bar that is slightly visible when the wearer smiles.

Inman Aligner beaumont | orthodontics How does it work?

The Inman Aligner works by pushing, pulling, and squeezing the teeth in order to move them in the desired direction. The force needed for such movement is generated by a coil spring at the back of the device and a metal bar in front. The resulting pressure moves the teeth quickly and the procedure causes no discomfort at all – quite different from traditional braces.

How do I know if the Inman Aligner is for me?

Patients who require minor front teeth positioning corrections and seek speedier results are ideal candidates to be treated with the Inman Aligner. The procedure addresses issues such as slightly crooked teeth, gaps, and minor crowding, though is not necessarily recommended for patients who require more intensive treatment. The Inman Aligner can also be useful for patients who previously wore braces as a means to treat relapse.

To find out more about the Inman Aligner and to know if you qualify for the treatment, call our clinic and book an appointment today. A dental professional will assess your case and recommend the best option for your treatment.

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