How to Properly Massage Your Gums

dental care beaumont tx | Joel Smith DDS The art of massage is an ancient holistic ritual that is used to give your entire body relief from everyday stress and to help heal you emotionally. However, although things like a back massage are a great excuse to hit the spa, did you know that other areas of your body—including your mouth—can greatly benefit from massage as well? By helping to stimulate blood flow to the gums, massaging them will help your mouth to feel better and calmer in no time. From using a water flosser to using your fingers, this article will discuss a few of the best ways that you can properly massage your gums. Read on to learn more.

Water Flosser
Water flossers are not only great alternatives to traditional dental floss but the pressurized water in them is also a great method that you can use to massage your gums. In order to massage your gums with a water flosser, fill it with look warm water—the warmer temperature will help to relax and soften your gums. Then simply turn the water flosser on and point the end of the tip towards the bottom or your teeth and the top of your gums. Once you start to feel the pressure from the water, simply move the tip of the water flosser in a circular motion around your gums—you will start to feel a sense of relief in your gums just as with a back massage. Repeat this for 3-5 minutes.

Finger Massage
As a free and fast way to massage your gums, you can simply use your forefinger. To start out, make sure that your finger is clean and then use it to apply pressure to your gums and under your teeth. If you notice areas that are particularly tender to the touch, refrain from applying too much pressure there and contact Joel Smith for an appointment because you may have an infection. Otherwise, if your gums are in good shape, continue to use your finger to massage in a circular motion all around your gum line. Repeat this for 3-5 minutes.

Massaging your gums will help give you relief and will help to stimulate blood flow. To learn more about how you can properly massage your gums or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Joel Smith, contact our office today!

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