Loose Teeth? Don’t Call the Tooth Fairy Just Yet

gum diseaseLoose teeth bring excitement and joy to children who are losing their childhood teeth and are waiting for their adult teeth to grow in. Thoughts of the tooth fairy and growing older are both enchanting for little ones. However, if you are an adult and have loose teeth, it can be less than enchanting. From gum disease to tooth trauma, here are some common reasons as to why your teeth might be coming loose. Read on to learn more.

Gum disease:

You might not know it but gum disease can cause more than bleeding and swollen gums. By causing swelling and inflammation in your gums, the bond between the teeth and the gums themselves can weaken, causing your gums to recede. If left untreated, receding gums can lead to loose teeth and even the removal of teeth that no longer have the strong support of good gum health.

Oral Infections:

Oral infections such as an abscess tooth can cause your tooth to loosen and even fall out. Additionally, if you have a cavity that has been left untreated, it can cause your teeth to erode and become loose because the pulp has become infected as well.


If you are involved contact sports like baseball, soccer, football, boxing, or any other types of sports where you directly interact with other individuals, accidents can happen and your teeth can become loose. If you get knocked in the mouth while participating in a contact sport, be sure to see your dentist immediately to help prevent against your teeth becoming loose.


Bruxism, or chronic grinding of your teeth, is a condition that can not only cause your jaw to become sore and uncomfortable but it can also cause your teeth to wear down over time, which could ultimately result in them becoming loose. In order to prevent against your teeth falling out due to bruxism, contact Dr. Smith about getting a mouthguard created for you so you don’t grind your teeth while sleeping.

To learn more about how you can prevent your teeth from coming loose, contact Dr. Smith’s office today!


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