Modern Dental Tools You Can Use at Home

There are some modern dental tools you can buy for home dental care that have been used since the beginning of dental care. Some examples include flossing sticks or string, tooth brushes, and toothpaste. Flossing sticks and toothpaste contain fluoride that help neutralize the effect of eating and drinking, something we do on a normal basis. There are some tools that the dentist uses that you can also use with great effectiveness. You just have to know how.

flossingFor instance, you can always use a dental mirror. This small round mirror on the end of a long stick or handle is perfect for checking on each one of your 32 teeth (or 28 teeth if your wisdom teeth have been removed) to look for cavities, the beginning of cavities, crookedness, debris or food that’s stuck in between the teeth, or any other worrisome condition. Anything that appears to be abnormal should be checked by a dentist. Dentists highly recommend that the general public get a dental mirror and perform daily examinations on their teeth and gums.

Floss may not seem like something that should be recommended by a dentist, as it should be a part of regular home dental care. But sometimes we need a reminder. Floss right after they brush, so that every bit of excess food is eliminated from between the teeth. Plaque buildup is extremely bad for the teeth and should not be left on the teeth for longer than a few hours. The bacteria begins to eat away at the structure of the tooth, causing a cavity. Dentists have to repair cavities. They cannot be fixed by more brushing.

You can also use a temporary tooth stain to spot any problem areas. If you don’t know anything about it but you would be interested in trying one, ask your dentist about it. He’ll have a recommendation for you.

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