Bottled Water? Is It Safe for Your Teeth

If you are in the habit of getting your drinking water from a bottle in your fridge, then you are not alone. In fact, it is said that American’s used 50 billion plastic water bottles just last year. Although bottled water provides a convenient and safe way for people to get their 64 ounces of water every day, is bottled water safe for your teeth? Read on to learn more.

The Lack of Fluoride

oral health in beaumont tx | Dr. Joel Smith Did you know that most Americans get their fluoride from their tap water? Fluoride is used to help to build up your teeth’s enamel and help shield patients from things like cavities and other oral bacteria. However, because bottled water doesn’t have fluoride in it, it can make it difficult for people to get the amount of fluoride necessary to help shield and protect them from oral health issues.

According to the Children’s Journal of Pediatric Dentistry, more children are having to visit the dentist due to an uprise in tooth decay because 70% of parents are providing bottled water to the children. Because fluoride is an essential component to preventing your teeth and your children’s teeth against cavities, if they aren’t drinking tap water, then they likely aren’t getting any fluoride.

So, is Bottled Water Safe?

Bottled water within itself is completely safe for people to drink, but as mentioned above, because it doesn’t have fluoride in it, it doesn’t have the same oral health capabilities as tap water does.

How Can You Get Fluoride if You Drink Bottled Water?

Whether you are worried about things like lead being seeped into your tap water or you just simply prefer the taste of bottled water, there are other ways that you can get fluoride. From fluoride toothpastes to fluoride pills, Dr. Joel Smith will be able to provide you and your children with the fluoride necessary to build strong teeth.

When it comes down to it, there is nothing wrong with bottled water. However, because bottled water doesn’t contain fluoride like tap water, then you should supplement your fluoride in other ways. To learn more about fluoride or to schedule a dentist appointment, contact Dr. Joel Smith today!


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