3 Ways to Encourage Good Dental Habits In Teenagers

Good Dental Habits For Teens | Joel Lane Smith DDSSure when they were five you could turn on a sand timer and award your kids with things like stickers and a trip to the movies if they kept up on their oral and dental health. However, as kids get older, the harder it gets to get through to them without sounding like the nagging parent. If you have teenagers and can’t seem to get them to take proper care of their teeth, try these simple tips.

  1. Buy Them Sugarfree Gum

If you notice that your teenagers are binging on foods like pizza and soda, then congratulations, you have yourself a real life teenager. However, amidst those habits of chowing down on said junk food, comes the bad habit of not brushing right afterwards. But can you blaim them? Pulling out your toothbrush while at a highschool party is virtually social suicide. In order to equip your kids with a defense against cavities, buy them sugarfree gum and make sure they always carry a pack with them. Gum is great at helping to speed up the process of saliva in the mouth which then helps to wash away any plaque or germs left on the teeth by food— leaving your kids with a lower chance of cavities.

  1. Leave Their Toothbrush Out

If your teenagers have curfews that are way past your own bedtime, it can be hard to stay awake to greet them when they get home, let alone make sure they brush their teeth. As a helpful and friendly reminder, you could leave their toothbrush and toothpaste out on the bathroom counter for them to see. That way when they get home and use the restroom, they will be immediately prompted to brush their teeth before they go to bed.

  1. Give them Apples

As both a healthy snack and a fruit that can help whiten your teenagers smiles, apples are a great thing to give your kids. The act of biting into an apple and having your teeth scrape up against the hard fruit, acts as a natural toothbrush and helps to wipe away any plaque, tartar, or even food stains. Encourage your teenagers to eat an apple a day or just start sneaking them into their backpacks and purses.

Raising teenagers can sometimes feel impossible. Not only are they starting to find their voices, but they are also trying to be independent. When it comes to their physical and oral health, however, it’s important that you make sure they are taking good care of themselves. With the above three tips, you can help to encourage healthy dental habits that will prevent them from a visit to the dentist chair.

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