Crowns and Bridges

Crown and Bridge in Beaumont, TXInstead of placing porcelain inlays or fillings to the tooth, which would be futile as it may not withstand such pressure, a dental crown and bridge are placed to cover the remaining, affected tooth down to its surface. Dental crowns do not only come in porcelain. In the past, metal amalgam was also used for its structure, yet this has decreased in popularity as they do not match the appearance of the natural tooth.

What are dental crowns and bridges?

A dental crown and bridge are made of porcelain material, which is a cap-like dental appliance that resembles the natural color, shape, and size of one’s teeth. They are used when a natural tooth gets severely decayed or cracked that no amount of filling can salvage it. They appear and function just like a natural tooth, which makes it the perfect dental cosmetic treatment.

Crown and Bridge Benefits:

  • Restore an attractive smile
  • Reduce the risk of gum disease
  • Restore the ability to bite and chew
  • Improve speech
  • Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position

Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown procedure begins with:

  • Cleaning & Preparation – This is done by removing the damaged or decayed portion of the affected tooth and reshaping the said tooth to prepare for the placement of the dental crown.
  • Creating a mold – Dr. Smith will take a mold of the affected tooth to match the size and shape of the crown. This mold will then be taken to the laboratory, where the crown will be custom-made for you. As you wait for the permanent crown, a temporary one may be placed in your tooth for a couple of weeks or until the actual dental crowns arrive.
  • Placement – When the customized dental crown arrives, you may return to Dr. Smith’s office to have them placed and bonded to your tooth using a special material and curing light. This ensures that the crown is properly placed and fitted to the tooth to last for many years.

You will learn more about the entire process during your initial consultation with Dr. Smith in our Beaumont, Texas office.

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