Teach Through Example: Getting Your Friends and Family Into Good Dental Habits

Good Dental HabitsWhen you think about being a good example, you likely think of parenting. And although leading through example is an excellent way to parent, you can actual be an example to others around you, including older family members and friends. If you have noticed that some people in your life lack good dental hygiene habits, avoid addressing the concerns head on (that would be awkward) and consider being an example instead. Read on to learn more about tips that you can use.

Offer Water with Meals
Whether you are gathering a group of friends or family at your house for dinner, make sure to leave the soda pop and juice in the refrigerator— these sugary drinks contribute to cavities and tooth decay. Instead, leave a pitcher of water on the table for your guests to enjoy with their meal. By helping to wash away germs, bacteria, and plaque caused by food, water is a great preventative dental tip.

Carry Gum with You
If you are a parent, this tip is especially important. Chewing gum is a great and easy way to protect your mouth against cavities and other oral health issues. By encouraging the production of saliva, sugar-free gum helps to wash away the plaque and germs on your teeth— leaving you with a cleaner smile and fresher breath. As a suggestion, try carrying around a pack of gum with you at all times and encourage your kids to chew a piece after every meal on-the-go.

Avoid Sticky Foods
In a perfect world, you would avoid foods that contain any sugar, but that’s likely just not possible. Rather than avoiding sugar altogether, lead by example and refrain from ultra-sticky foods like caramel corn and taffy. These types of foods can not only rip fillings out, but they can also leave a residue on your teeth that is hard to get off.

You don’t need to parent your friends and family members, but you can encourage healthy dental habits to the people around you by following the tips listed above. To learn more about other ways that you can enhance your dental health, contact Dr. Joel Smith.

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