The Benefits of Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

The Benefits of Chewing Sugar-Free Gum | Beaumont, TXWhen it comes to blowing bubbles with gum, it is considered to be an art. And although chewing gum can be fun for people of all ages, did you know that there are several health benefits associated with it as well? From shielding your teeth from cavities to speeding up your mouth’s natural production of saliva, this article will discuss a few benefits of chewing sugarfree gum on a regular basis. Read on to learn more.

Protection from Cavities

Unless you work in a dental office, it’s not necessarily deemed kosher to brush your teeth while you’re at work— or even in public for that matter. However, the longer food and sugary drinks sit on your teeth, the more likely you are to develop cavities. To help shield your teeth from cavities during the day without having to brush your teeth, try chewing a stick of sugar-free gum after every meal. The gum will grab any plaque, tartar, and excess food off of your teeth— leaving them clean and healthy.

Increased Saliva

Have you ever reached for a piece of gum when you were thirsty? Chewing sugar-free gum is a great way to increase your mouth’s production of saliva. And saliva works to rid your teeth of harmful bacteria while whitening them in the process.

Fresh Breath

Nobody likes to have a close conversation with someone who just ate a garlic burger. Chewing sugar-free mint flavored gum is one of the best ways for you to freshen your breath after you eat a meal or have your morning cup of coffee. When choosing gum to help with your breath, make sure to pick a mint kind.

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Chewing sugarfree gum is not only fun, but it’s also good for your teeth as well. The next time you’re on the go and need to freshen up, grab a stick of your favorite sugar-free gum. To learn more about easy and safe dental tips, call Dr. Joel Smith’s office at (409) 895-0089!



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