The Attack of the Plaque: What Your Dental Health Is Telling You

dental plaque | Joel Smith DDS | Beaumont, TXNo matter how much or how little you know about your oral health, you know that the words “dental plaque” don’t come with a positive connotation. However, as one of the leading factors of dental decay and erosion, it’s important to understand dental plaque and what it really means for your overall oral health. Read on to learn more.

How is plaque formed?
Plaque is a thick, sticky substance, that adheres to your teeth and causes things such as cavities and enamel erosion to occur. Primarily formed by things such as food, beverages, tobacco, saliva, and dead cells, plaque is something that you just can’t escape— no matter how hard you try. Composed of multiple types of bacteria, plaque can act quickly in harming your teeth if left untreated.

How can you combat plaque?
One of the most interesting things about plaque is that as soon as you brush your teeth, plaque immediately starts to reform, leaving you with the inability to actually fight the plaque that is forming. However, you can fight against the plaque in your mouth actually causing harm to your teeth by brushing after every meal, chewing sugar-free gum, drinking a lot of water, and visiting the dentist at least twice a year for a dental cleaning.
If you start to notice that your teeth are becoming a bit sensitive to things such as extremely hot or cold foods/beverages, then your enamel on your teeth might be becoming a bit thin— which may or may not be caused by plaque.

Additionally, if you start to experience any sort of dental pain, like a shooting pain in your mouth or a dull pain when you bite down, then you may be getting a cavity or you may have some sort of nerve problem.

If you start to experience any of these things, make sure to contact Dr. Joel Smith right away in order to get to the root of the problem right away. If you would like to learn more about your dental health and how you can combat cavities, contact Dr. Joel Smith’s office today to schedule an appointment!

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