3 Ways to Make Your Preteen Feel Better About their Braces

Junior high and high school can be very awkward moments of a preteen and teens life. With their body’s changing and new social issues starting to arise, it can be hard for many preteens to get hold of what is actually happening to their body’s. If your preteen needs dental braces and is starting to feel self-conscious about them, try these three tools to help them feel more confident and better in the long run.

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  1. The Sooner, The Better
    Remind your child that it’s better to get their braces on and over with as soon as possible— the longer they wait, the older they will be when wearing braces. However, it’s also important to ensure that your child’s adult teeth have fully formed and come in and that there won’t be any sort of unexpected issues with the health of their teeth and jaw.
  2. Straight Teeth Last a Lifetime
    As another way to help your preteen feel more confident about their dental braces, remind them that straight teeth last a lifetime (if well cared for). So they won’t have to undergo this type of orthodontic procedure again. Also remind your child that these are just temporary and that before they know it, their braces will be off and they will be able to show off their straight smile for everyone to see.
  3. Braces Don’t Define You
    Although it may seem like a life damaging choice at the moment— social suicide to some teenagers— remind them that braces don’t define you and your appearance. In fact, remind your preteen that they have so many other physical and personal characteristics that make them who they are, and an added addition to their mouth will not be detrimental to their appearance or identity.

Getting braces for a teenager can seem like torture. However, by explaining to them the above reminders and giving them back some of their self-esteem, your child can have straight teeth in no time. To learn more about orthodontics or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Smith today!

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